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Generation COVID UK Collaborative presents

Online Workshop

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Panel Themes

We welcome allied health professionals, clinicians and academics to share their reflections and research during our online workshop, "Generation COVID: Perinatal Transitions", which examines the impact of COVID-19 and social restrictions on pregnancy, childbirth, and early life/new parenthood in the UK.


We hope to bring together voices invested in assessing and advocating for well-being from pregnancy through childhood, to shed light on the consequences and challenges of accessing perinatal healthcare and caring for the generation born amidst the pandemic.

Generation COVID UKSarah Lloyd Fox,  Dr. James Kent, Staci Meredith Weiss

Sponsors: Cambridge ReproductionCambridge Babylab

Co-organizers: THIS Institute Maternity Care Team, Cambridge Centre for Neuropsyciatric Research


The experience of pregnancy and perinatal support in a pandemic


 Healthcare and birth support amidst social restrictions


Caring for the generation of newborns and babies born during COVID

Workshop Mission

Our conference will highlight reflections from relevant stakeholders, including paediatricians, midwives, clinical home visitors, carers from diverse backgrounds, along with relevant perinatal research. The goal is to ground scientific results in the reality of clinical practice, enabling the translation of  findings into healthcare and policy insights. 


We hope you will join us by attending and presenting relevant perspectives on Generation COVID in order to guide further research, clinical work, and policy-making.

We are collecting short summaries of 200-250 words speaking to the broad themes of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pregnancy, childbirth and infancy/new parenthood.

Please send brief 200-250 word reflections on your experience or abstracts of your research using this form:

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