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James Kent

Cofounder, Photojournalist

Dr James Clifford Kent is Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Visual Cultures and Director of Liberal Arts in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Royal Holloway, University of London. 


Pregnant in a Pandemic


Cofounder, PI CoCoPIP

Dr. Sarah Lloyd Fox In 2019 began a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Cambridge, directing the Perinatal Imaging Partnership with Families and BRIGHT ()



Staci Weiss


Dr. Staci Meredith Weiss is a postdoctoral research associate in the PIPkin (Perinatal Imaging Project: in partnership with families) longitudinal study of variability within and between infants in social, sensory and cognitive development, 



Alumni and Associates
 Affiliated Projects
Collaborators and Project Partners
  • Topun Austin (Cambridge, UCL) is our clinical consultant on PIPKIN and has expertise in premature neuodevelopment & neonatal neouroimaging suitable for NICU. 

  • Simon Baron-Cohen (Cambridge) has expertise in fetal fMRI and ultrasound, as well as genetic and hormonal assays implicated ASD pathogenesis.

  • Tony Charman (KCL) has expertise in clinical diagnosis and biomarker identification related to early ASD and ADHD.

  • Rob Cooper (UCL) has expertise in biomedical optics, hardware development and the application of diffuse optical tomography and fNIRS method

  • Clare Elwell (UCL) has expertise in newborn optical brain imaging, including fNIRS, for use in home, hospital, global and resource-poor settings.

  • Nadja Reissland (Durham) has expertise in fetal development, maternal mental health, and developed a coding scheme for identifying fetal behavior during ultrasound.

  • Emily Jones (Birkbeck) has expertise in conducting longitudinal EEG and eye-tracking acquisition studies of infants at high risk infants for neurodevelopmental conditions.

  • Andrew Pickles (KCL) has expertise in the biostatistics applied to human development and longitudinal modeling of neurodevelopment. 

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