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Timberly Williams

Research and Reflection Workshop

30 March 2022, 10am

Cambridge Festival Public Engagement Forum

31 March 2022, 7.30-9pm

Join us 30-31 March 2022

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Pregnancy & Parenting in the Pandemic



Together, the COVID-19 in the Context of Pregnancy, Infancy and Parenting (CoCoPIP) study of 2,000 families from diverse backgrounds across the UK and the Pregnant in the Pandemic project interviewing and photographing the experiences of a range of parents-to-be document the resilience that families have shown in the face of uncertainty. Our collaboration grew from a shared experience and devotion to documenting the experiences of other new parents impacted by the pandemic and child development. Our goal is to give “Generation COVID” families a voice and impactful outlet for their stories.

Generation COVID Collaborative

Sarah Lloyd Fox, University of Cambridge, UKRI Fellow

James Kent, Royal Holloway University London, Photographer

Staci Meredith Weisss, University of Cambridge, Researcher


Learning from the Development of Generation COVID 

Our team engages in media outreach efforts with families and partners to learn from and along with our expectant and new parents. We also aggregate data and relevant literature, and write it up for scientific peer review. Together, our research and reflections hope to inform public health and social policy, as well as support parents raising a child in the context of Covid-19, lockdown and the roadmap out of the pandemic.

Click on the links below to learn about how our projects document the perinatal journey of families.​


To understand the experiences of families parenting young infants or expecting a child amidst COVID-19, the Cambridge Babylab is offering a brief online questionnaire (15-30 min). Our research group, the Perinatal Imaging Partnership, studies parental influences on the development and health of babies.


We hope to understand the physical, psychological and social impact of lockdowns and COVID-19 on new families and the generation born during pandemic. We now are following up to learn about how children born during the pandemic adjust to making friends, adjusting to daycare, school or other social settings, and learning to control their actions and emotions. 

We have completed enrollment in our cohort with more than 2,000 families, with the hope of learning how families navigate the changes in policies and socialization as the UK and the globe adapt to parenting in the pandemic. 

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