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To understand the experiences of families parenting young infants or expecting a child amidst COVID-19, the Cambridge Babylab is offering a brief online questionnaire (15-30 min). Our research group, the Perinatal Imaging Partnership, studies parental influences on the development and health of babies.


We hope to understand the physical, psychological and social impact of lockdowns and COVID-19 on new families and the generation born during pandemic. 

We have completed enrollment in our cohort with more than 2,000 families, with the hope of learning how families navigate the changes in policies and socialization as the UK and the globe adapt to parenting in the pandemic. 

Antenatal healthcare:   

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Birth Experiences:

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Socialization and Screentime:

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Research Outcomes 

Our team engages in various outreach efforts with families and caregiving charity partners to learn from and along with our expectant and new parents. We also aggregate the data and write it up for scientific peer review. We hope our empirical work can inform public health and social policy, as well as developmental science about raising a child in the context of Covid-19, lockdown and the roadmap out of lockdown.